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Local area networks (LAN, WLAN)

We will build a wired and/or wireless network solution according to your needs, with a modern, long-lasting, cost-effective and scalable approach that takes account of your future needs.


  • Benefits for you:

    • Available as a standard service, a customer-specific solution or a combination of the two
    • You will receive all services from one place
    • A secure, long-lasting solution is cost-effective
    • Modern, software-defined end-to-end networks enable scalability and flexibility as your business becomes increasingly digital


    Request a proposal or further details

    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


Network solutions for all your needs

We supply suitable network solutions for all your premises, whether they are offices or factory production environments. Our certified technicians and associate professionals will design a modern network that meets your business needs. We operate as a retailer of products from the leading technology manufacturers on the market, and we offer consulting and support services for every phase of your network technology’s life cycle. 

Network as a hosted service

In addition to supplying technologies and implementing network solutions, we take care of your network’s operations throughout its life cycle. We can take charge of your existing network solution in its present state and begin service provision with the help of Smart Management Services. After this, we will work with you to develop the network as desired.

In addition to tailored network solutions, we offer standardised full services, such as the Cloud-Based Networking service. 

Our services are based in Finland, and we operate network environments 24/7 in accordance with the ITILv3 best practices.

The best architectures

We use the newest and best network architectures from the leading technology suppliers on the market, including Cisco Digital Network Architecture, Cisco Meraki and Aruba Mobile First. Enterprise architectures form the core of our activities, and the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The central matters include automation and centralised management. We aim to ensure efficient production, assured continuity for your business and agility as your business needs change.

Authentication and automation

Our offering includes Cisco Identity Services Engine and Aruba Clearpass, which enable your users and endpoint devices to be identified and ensure your information security policy is implemented with regard to network access management. These technologies enable granular, policy-guided and identity-based access management, where users and endpoint devices are granted precisely the right scope of authorisation to access network resources depending on the context. At the same time, the network edge is automated when authentication services control the configurations of edge switches and the wireless network in accordance with the identities of endpoint devices connecting to the network.

Core network services

In addition to wireless networks, switch networks and authentication services, we can supplement the package with other core network services, such as DNS and DHCP, which are crucial to the end-user experience. 




Our office hours are from Mon to Fri, 8 am to 4 pm

+358 20 401

8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/min. When calling from abroad, the international call charge.



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