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Cloud Based Networking

Procure a comprehensive ICT infrastructure solution as a service for your business location and all your use cases – securely and efficiently. 

  • Benefits for you:

    • A comprehensive ICT infrastructure solution for your business location and all your use cases
    • Safeguarding your business continuity
    • Agility as you undergo changes
    • A full service from end to end


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


What is Cloud-Based Networking?

Cloud-Based Networking is a network infrastructure entity designed by our professionals to create a service platform that focuses on safeguarding our customer’s business continuity and agility as business needs change.

Service platform

Our Cloud-Based Networking service platform offers clear visibility of the state of your network infrastructure, tools and the capability to quickly and securely investigate disturbances and recover from faults, as well as a secure method of connecting users and endpoint devices to the network and the resources they need.   

Service content

Cloud-Based Networking covers all necessary network infrastructure areas supplied for your premises, such as wired and wireless local area network, information security devices, and SD-WAN and user identification and authentication services. All of these parts are integrated into a seamless entity realised on a comprehensive management interface, which also provides real-time visibility and reporting on the status of services. Together, our service platforms are more than the sum of their parts.

Full service

As a service provider, we take full responsibility for delivering a complete package, and there are no grey areas in terms of responsibility. We guarantee a high-quality service by entering into a service level agreement, including regularly measured and monitored results.

We select the best technologies and architectures on the market to support your business needs optimally. 

The monthly charge includes all the necessary devices, licences and software. This minimises the amount of up-front investment, which can cause you administrative headaches and burden your balance sheet. 

A service suitable for all

Our service is suitable for all sizes of business and institution who are looking for a reliable, hassle-free network infrastructure. Cloud-Based Networking is the solution for you if you want to centralise your business and outsource the IT infrastructure to a strategic partner. You do not need to invest in technology and IT expertise as you will receive a network infrastructure to support your business, provided by us as a service – just like turning on a tap.




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