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Software development services

We can provide comprehensive, agile and human-oriented software development services tailored precisely to your needs and goals.

  • Benefits for you:

    • Centralised log management and monitoring enables you to ensure that your monitoring of (personal) data as required by laws, regulations and standards has been implemented reliably, transparently and lawfully
    • By deploying VRK Connector, you can improve information security, automate manual processes and ensure that data is accurate 
    • A reliable, multi-party blockchain network allows you to achieve significant transparency and efficiency benefits
    • The piloting model reduces the risks involved in your software development investments 
    • As a reliable software development partner, we take responsibility for enabling your success.


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


We can help you to work better as part of your environment

As a reliable development partner, we take responsibility for enabling your success. When we digitalise and automate your processes, we always begin by looking at your needs and goals. Our purpose is to help you work better within your own environment by assisting and guiding the enhancement of your operating models in line with agile methods and SAFe principles. We identify and always endeavour to fulfil your genuine customer requirements.

Solution design

Sensible development always begins with top-level design, which enables a full overview. We design solutions based on your needs together with your specialists. We fully familiarise ourselves with your requirements so we can deliver a suitable comprehensive solution that meets your needs precisely. Whether you are looking for conceptualisation, process consulting, technical consulting, architecture design or design and modelling of a comprehensive solution, we are ready and willing to take responsibility for designing your solution. We use workshops, descriptions of operation models and, as applicable, user interface design and usability engineering as methods for solution engineering and service design. We make use of a diverse range of technologies in our solutions – technology is an enabler, not a restriction.


Piloting is our way of ensuring the functionality and necessity of the proposed solution. We use the terms, Proof of Concept (PoC), prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for piloting. Piloting involves working with you to specify the targets, solution and implementation method. Based on this information, we build the first version of the solution (a PoC, prototype or MVP), test its functionality and compare the outcome with the original target. If the target has been met and the direction is correct, we strive to continue developing the design during piloting.

Software development

Software development projects are often continuations of piloting, or the piloting may be a part of a larger project. Following successful piloting, the process can advance to large-scale software development. Software development projects often begin with your business goals. We make use of a diverse range of technologies in our solutions – technology is an enabler, not a restriction. Our core expertise includes the following technologies: 

  • Java, C# / .NET, PHP
  • Spring MVC, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, jQuery
  • MySQL, MariaDB, CouchDB, MSSQL, Oracle
  • JUnit, Robot Framework, Selenium, Qentinel Pace


Our focuses

We provide process and technical consulting, architecture design and tailored software design and development. Key elements of our specialist expertise include integrations and secure software solutions constitute. Our recent projects have involved implementing solutions in the areas of identification and access management, user rights management, log management, blockchains, IoT and artificial intelligence. We are also constantly expanding our expertise into other subareas.

Log analytics

We implement system log management and analytics applications. We ensure that your system logs are appropriately retained and processed. Thanks to advanced analytics, we can enable log data to be utilised for a wide range of requirements. We use the Splunk tool.

Blockchain technology

We design and implement solutions using blockchain technology. Whether you need to use blockchain technology is a question that is addressed according to your processes. Blockchains are best suited to environments and solutions where it must be possible to guarantee trust between different parties. The key feature of blockchains is that it is not possible to retroactively alter the data stored in the chain. Additionally, all of the data stored in the blockchain is available in real time to every party in the blockchain network, which provides substantial transparency and efficiency benefits. 


Practical examples

Log analytics has enabled us to implement the following for our customers:

  • Monitoring of the processing of sensitive customer data
  • Monitoring of the realisation of information security practices 
  • System log management


Blockchain. Smartlog (Blockchain logistics platform) is an EU-funded proof-of-concept platform for storing and monitoring status data for logistics and shipments. We have implemented the service in collaboration with Kouvola Innovation. We have used the service as a basis for designing and implementing a blockchain application and the necessary interfaces to offer as a service for customers in the logistics business. The service is provided from Telia Cygate’s data centre. 

Further information on the Smartlog project: https://smartlog.kinno.fi

VRK Connector
integrates the personal data available from the Population Information System with the data from the target system. At present, the productised service package has been implemented for the Wilma system, which is used by schools and early childhood education establishments.  




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8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/min. When calling from abroad, the international call charge.



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