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Telia Cygate is the first Finnish Cisco lifecycle advisor partner

April 26, 2019

Cisco has launched a LifeCycle Advisor program for its partners to help customers in the change management of automation and centralized solutions. In addition, the program enables customers to deploy large-scale products and ensure satisfaction in selected solutions. Telia Cygate is Cisco's first Finnish LCA partner.

About Telia Cygate: Telia Cygate is a respected IT solutions provider and a significant part of Telia. We implement demanding client solutions for software, blockchains, identity management, information networks, security, data center and cloud services. We have achieved the industry's leading position with the best experts, leading partners and over 25 years of experience. We provide seamless solutions that promote customer satisfaction and commitment to your staff. The seamless experience and security of your customers' service experience is ensured by our seamless network and cloud solutions, combined with the secure in-house data center located in Finland. Our strong customer understanding, extensive expertise and our ability to support your business are harnessed for your growth and renewal - both in Finland and worldwide.

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