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June 11, 2020

Pasi Mehtonen appointed as Telia Finland's new Head of Strategy, Matti Eloholma appointed as CEO of Telia Cygate

Pasi Mehtonen has been appointed as Telia Finland´s new Head of Strategy. Pasi Mehtonen previously worked as Head of Wholesale and CEO of Telia Cygate. Mehtonen has been a member of the Finnish Executive Management team since 2014, and has held several management positions in Telia from 2000.

“Pasi Mehtonen has successfully led several of our businesses. He has extensive experience of the industry and a strong vision for the future direction. With Pasi, we will accelerate our journey in line with Telia Company strategy to become the leading ICT and media company in Finland”, says Telia Finland's CEO Heli Partanen.
“Telia’s growth to became the leading ICT and media powerhouse is accelerating. At the same time the competition is increasing. I am excited to challenge both myself and my colleagues in my new role”, says Pasi Mehtonen.
Matti Eloholma has been appointed as CEO of Telia Cygate. Matti has previously worked as the Head of Networking & Communications Services, Enterprise Finland.
“The importance of secure, high-expertise ICT services for companies and public sector is constantly growing. Telia Cygate is one of Finland's largest and most successful companies in this field, and I want to continue and strengthen this together with Telia Cygate's top experts and customers", says Matti Eloholma.
“Matti Eloholma has the strong management skills needed in this tight market situation. He also has extensive experience of various businesses and an in-depth understanding of our customers' needs", Heli Partanen continues.
All nominations are effective as of 1st of August.


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From left: Pasi Mehtonen, Matti Eloholma


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