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Core Network Services

A secure and efficient network solution for your company, provided as a full service from our data centre.

  • Benefits for you:

    • You will receive core network services as a convenient full service from our data centre
    • You can get started without large investments
    • Access management builds information security “inside” your network and not just at its edge
    • Centralised DDI ensures your network’s functionality and continuity
    • Scales to your future needs


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


Core network services safeguard your business continuity and security

The network solution is more secure and efficient when it is built on centralised basic services from the outset. These include centralised user and device Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA), dynamic IP address allocation (DHCP), name services (DNS) and IP Address Management (IPAM). Business-critical applications cannot function without these services. You will receive all core network services efficiently and securely as a service from our data centre.

Centralised Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA)

Modern networks should be built on centralised access management, as this makes the network simpler to build and maintain and enables scalability, which is a prerequisite for the next generation of controller-based networks.

The AAA service is integrated into your AD server, providing your users with access to precisely the resources they are permitted to use in accordance with their roles. The easiest way to deploy centralised access management is to use a centralised service operated in our data centre.


As the number of devices on your network increases, the complexity also increases, and old solutions such as manually-maintained IP addresses or fragmented dynamic IP address allocation (DHCP) or name services (DNS) no longer offer a sustainable solution.

DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) is a centralised service that handles all of the basic services on your network efficiently, securely and reliably from our data centre. 

The centralised service scales as your needs grow and offers sufficient information security and usability from the outset, ensuring network and business continuity in an agile way.


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