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Smart Management Services

An easy and logical service package for monitoring your IT infrastructure, recovering from faults and implementing changes in a managed way.

  • Benefits for you:

    • Service operations 24/7 in Finland
    • Best practices in line with ITIL v3
    • An expert organisation of more than 60 people to support you
    • Enables flexible service provision for your existing infrastructure and also kick-starts the transformation towards future infrastructure 
    • Superior expertise and performance to support your IT team


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


What are Smart Management Services? 

Smart Management Services are a flexible way of implementing service operation for your company in line with best practices, including processes for monitoring your IT infrastructure, recovering from faults and implementing changes in a managed way, as well as all necessary measures, whether remotely from our IT Operations Center (ITOC) or on-site. 

A new network or takeover of an old one

Smart Management Services can be applied to newly implemented environments as well as to existing environments and takeovers. 

Hardware as part of the service or separately

Smart Management Services are agnostic on the ownership of the infrastructure hardware – the service environment can consist of components owned by your company as well as our components. 

Wide range of supported technologies

Smart Management Services are not totally independent of manufacturers, but they support the majority of the most common products from the best-known technology manufacturers. 

A service package that meets your needs

Smart Management Services provide you with a logical and modular service package without losing the ability to customise your infrastructure. Smart Management Services are easy to buy and put into operation.

Monitoring and management services

Monitoring and management services include the continuous service processes at our IT Operations Center, available in the scope specified in your service package. A suitable service package can be selected for each device. Monitoring and management services consist of the event, incident and problem management processes, the service request process and the change management process.

Device support services

Device support services include procedures for providing replacement devices in the event of a hardware failure, repairs of faulty software, and technical support in the event that a device behaves in a way that is not in the documentation.  

On-site services

Expert services with a guaranteed response time (on-site services) ensure that our technicians and associate professionals come to your site quickly enough to work on recovering from a hardware fault.




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