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Identity and Access Management

Secure your corporate resources centrally using smart identity and access management.

Do you know how peop­le, things, hard­ware and data are con­nec­ted within your or­gani­sation and why they are con­nect­ed?

As the importance and requirements of information security increase, organisations are called upon to focus more closely on the lifecycle management of identity data in their operating environments. Generally, an identity is attached to a person. However, identities are increasingly being attached to objects and things – all of the resources related to an organisation. Identity management forms a cornerstone on which a company can build smart access management combined with flexible identity management.

Ensure that the correct resources are able to access the correct data at the correct time and for the correct reason. 

Deploying an identity management system facilitates the onboarding of new employees, increases information security and auditability, and reduces the amount of manual work involved in identity management.

Boost your business

Access right and resource management runs discreetly in your organization and allows your business to become more efficient. No delays in information flow, and no time wasted in waiting for access to resources to start working.

Confirm your safety

Be certain that all personal information is protected and processed in your organization reliably and in accordance with law. Know exactly who and when your devices are in use. Know who has access to your premises: manage people's access by door and time accuracy.

Engage your partners

Your business environment holds a variety of partners with different right levels. United Identity engages external agents in your organization's processes and practices so that you can manage their operations efficiently and safely.

Solve your challenges

Our specialists define the needs of your organization and build a complete solution for your use - continuing with you in everyday life and ensuring that your solution develops with your organization, business, technology and legislation.

Secure Identity as a Service

Connect your people, data, hardware, systems and business processes to each other in such a way that only the right people and things have access to the relevant resources irrespective...

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Identity Management

Manage the digital identities of people and equipment on a centralized basis and utilize the related master data to boost and automate your business processes.

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Access Right Management

Make sure that your employees, partners and customers have the tools they need at their disposal for the right reasons and at a right time.

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Job Agreement Management

Automate your access rights management process with employment data so that access rights take effect immediately as soon as a new employment contract is created.

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Stakeholder Management

Manage personal and contract information of external employees, partners and customers in a centralized manner and secure them easy access to your organization's resources and services quickly, flexibly and in...

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Key and Access Control

Enables centralized control of employee, partner and visitor access to your organization’s facilities and other sites.

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Governance and Reporting

Ensure compliance with regulations and auditing standards in real time and succeed in audits

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Telia United Identity for partners

In collaboration with our partners, we have chosen the best products and solutions from the portfolio they offer to support the United Identity service concept. We take responsibility for seamlessly...

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