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VRK Connector

Automate secure updates to personal data.

  • Benefits for you:

    • Better information security. It is no longer necessary to shuttle pieces of paper with personal data between the home and the person responsible for updating the system.
    • Less manual work and more paper saved. It is not necessary to print forms for updating personal data, and the updated data does not need to be entered manually.
    • Avoiding human error. When personal data is updated, spelling errors can creep in, either when forms are filled in or when data is transferred to the system.
    • Freeing up working time for other tasks. Comparing personal data forms with the data on the system and updating the data are time-consuming routine tasks – this time can be freed up for more useful activities. 


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


Enhance the efficiency of the personal data maintenance process

Keeping personal data up to date is often labour-intensive and uncertain. Personal data may be outdated, or there may be question marks surrounding the accuracy of the data. Updating personal data requires a large amount of manual work.

VRK Connector is an integration service operated on the SaaS model. The service is suitable for every organisation that needs to update and maintain personal data from the Population Information System.

Data directly from the Population Information System

VRK Connector enables you to update personal data directly from the Population Information System whenever you need to. Data can be updated from any location in Finland. Many municipalities, schools and early childhood education units use the Wilma enterprise resource planning system. VRK Connector integrates Wilma and the Population Information System and digitalises the update of personal data.

VRK Connector as a Service

Our VRK Connector service offers standardised deployment, maintenance and ensured functionality during the agreed service hours.

During the deployment phase, we take care of the technical deployment of the service, and we provide you with guidance and support with all the necessary deployment measures. 

Service maintenance covers the continued functionality of the service. We offer support services on weekdays during office hours. We are also responsible for developing the service.

The City of Pori – a satisfied customer

The City of Pori deployed VRK Connector in autumn 2018 as part of a major modernisation of its pupil administration system. The modernisation sought to streamline the use of Wilma and improve information security for pupils.

The City is satisfied with the outcome of the project. Pupil data is now kept up to date on the information system, including data for people from other municipalities.




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