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Public Cloud services

You can access our comprehensive range of services, from data center services provided in our own local data centers to hybrid cloud services and public cloud services.

  • Benefits for you:

    • Select the Telia Cygate service platform that suits you best, along with the required support and maintenance services. We offer a modular service structure, enabling you to select a service package consisting of several different components, and then go back to concentrating on your business while we take care of the functionality of the service environment.
    • We provide ongoing services in our service environment with a consistent operation model. The core of the services is our IT Operations Center in Finland which provides 24/7 service.


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


A comprehensive range of services

Continuous services & public cloud

We also provide ongoing services – management and monitoring services– for the public cloud. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from data center services provided in our own local data centers to hybrid cloud services and public cloud services. We aim to be your comprehensive service partner in all three subareas. We can enable you to make use of the cloud under a similar service model. We can provide the answers to all your Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services requirements.

Governance & public cloud

We aim to make it easy for you to exploit the agility and speed of development in the public cloud while ensuring better manageability and predictability for your service environment.

A customer-specific, business-oriented approach is crucial for public cloud services. It is essential that your needs and circumstances are taken into consideration. For this reason, the very first step in providing ongoing services for public cloud solutions is to conduct a consultative status review.

It is also important to lay down some common ground rules for public cloud deliveries. These follow the principles of good governance and service management. Service management is a vital aspect of ensuring business continuity. How are new services introduced? How are they named? What is a shared telecoms architecture and information security architecture? How do you ensure that the production environments are monitored and criticality is taken into consideration while also ensuring agile development and speed?

Development & public cloud

We identify your needs for the continuous development of services provided on public clouds. 

The Advisory and Solution Consulting services complement the ongoing service. Co-creation, where we work with you on development activities, is the key to our customer-oriented operation model: we work together to build cloud solutions that meet your requirements, while also introducing new possibilities for new service solutions. These services may focus on a consultative or Operations Center production model.

We offer the following service packages to help you work with Microsoft Azure and AWS under the consistent operating model:

  • Advisory Services
  • Solution Consulting Services
  • Managed Services & Managed Services Cloud Native



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