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SOC as a Service

Ensure your business continuity using a proactive operation model.

  • Benefits for you:

    • An operation model based on proactive, comprehensive threat awareness
    • Scalable expertise
    • Risk management
    • Continuous development of information security


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Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our Security Operations Center service focuses on analysing and rectifying information security deviations. SOC’s main task is to monitor various information security deviations, which are consolidated from information security incidents from various sources with the help of information security analysts and automation. 

Information security incident management

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) is the most important tool for SOC, offering you a centralised log management and information security incident management service. The SIEM service provides you with a centralised overview of all log data related to your ICT environment in a single information security incident management service. The SIEM service focuses on recording and processing log data to achieve a better information security overview, while assisting in the investigation of faults and offering stored logs for purposes such as critical, fully-tailored applications.

Vulnerability management

The Telia Vulnerability Assessment (VA) service provides you with vulnerability management as a service. 

The VA service enables you to detect and identify various threats and vulnerabilities from a secure environment. The service generates regular reports, which help to build up a precise overview of the protected environment’s attack surface and enable corrective measures to be efficiently targeted in the right places.

Information security incident management

SOC’s primary task is to consolidate actual information security deviations from the various information security incidents in your operating environment if they could impact you or if you should be aware of them. Incidents give risk to information security deviations, which are prioritised and categorised as specified in your Management and Operations Guide. SOC manages incidents and proactive measures to resolve incidents. Rapid recovery from incidents is a key factor in ensuring the continuity of your business.


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