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Infrastructure security

We secure your network, connections and data center in a managed way, utilising the best available technology. 

  • Benefits for you:

    • Available as a full service or a co-managed solution
    • Visibility at network level
    • Your own global cloud presence on every continent
    • The ability to detect and prevent denial of service attacks at network level


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


Securing networks

We monitor and manage the integrity of information security devices and services in accordance with the ITIL best practices all day, every day. 

Network security should be implemented using layered controls, both within the network itself and at the edges of the network. Security implemented using conventional firewall functionality is not enough to fend off modern threats – several concurrent controls are required to prevent malicious network traffic, attempted intrusions and unknown threats. Within the network, we design and implement network segmentation and visibility for network traffic. The limits of networks are expanding to private and public clouds, so it is more important than ever to be able to secure your network traffic globally using various hybrid cloud solutions. We implement network security flexibly, making use of Telia’s global cloud computing infrastructure and presence on every continent, public clouds such as Azure, and the cloud computing services offered by AWS or technology manufacturers. 

Managed remote access and identity management 

We ensure managed access to the necessary networks and resources using secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) remote access solutions. We design and implement a solution that corresponds to your need for remote access and the number of users, either via a network portal or in the form of a Client VPN solution. The remote access service is supplemented by support services, such as a connection to the customer’s Active Directory and strong identification services. The service also enables secure and user-friendly access management for public network services (SaaS).

Ensuring the availability of data connections and services

Denial of service attacks are attempts to disrupt or prevent the normal use of a network or network services. Such attacks typically target a company’s website or online services. If the volume of malicious traffic exceeds the network’s capacity, the connection and services may not function correctly or may even be blocked entirely. In such cases, attacks may also affect everyday work, particularly if the attack targets an internet connection that is also used to access various cloud computing services.

The most effective way of combating Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is to prevent and filter malicious traffic at network level before it can reach the corporate network. For this reason, DDoS prevention should be implemented in the operator’s backbone network.



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