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Endpoint security

Secure your device from known and unknown threats.

  • Benefits for you:

    • We use the most modern technologies from industry-leading manufacturers
    • We secure your workstations, servers and mobile devices
    • You will be protected locally or in the cloud
    • Extensive, real-time threat data
    • Integrated into the comprehensive information security solution
    • Available as a full service


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Securing endpoints

Most information security breaches begin at endpoints. Securing workstations, servers and mobile devices is a critical aspect of information security. With the advent of mobile work, endpoints are often used on unsecured public networks in locations such as airports. The security of endpoints often depends on the security measures provided by the equipment manufacturer or operating system provider, or on third-party antivirus software. All of these controls boost the information security of endpoints, but they are not enough for corporate use. Known threats only account for about one-fifth of all threats. Our endpoint security services protect your devices from known and unknown threats. 

Securing workstations and mobile devices

Advanced security for workstations and mobile devices also prevents unknown threats. Modern security solutions include several layered controls to combat various threats that target endpoints. In addition to local security, comprehensive log data is collected from devices and analysed in the cloud in virtually real time with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This provides access to extensive, virtually real-time threat information, as well as various sandboxing solutions that enable suspicious events to be comprehensively and securely analysed. 

We provide services and solutions for securing workstations, servers and mobile devices. The services are seamlessly integrated into our other information security service, and they provide functionality such as comprehensive visibility over endpoints for the Telia Cygate Security Operations Center (SOC) service. Our technicians and associate professionals design endpoint security to meet your requirements, and implementation always makes use of the latest products from leading technology manufacturers.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Comprehensive endpoint security always includes threat response, countermeasures and recovery.  Modern endpoint security includes tools enabling an automated response to threats. The most advanced EDR services communicate with information security devices on the network and are also able to prevent any detected threats at network level. Telia Cygate’s advanced endpoint security can be implemented as a separate service, but it provides the greatest benefit when used as part of Telia Cygate’s SOC service. In such cases, the advanced algorithms provided by the EDR service can help to automate the bulk of event management and generate more accurate and correct information for SOC to analyse. Some events can be automated – for example, an infected workstation can be automatically isolated from the network, thereby preventing any additional damage. The service provides you with a comprehensive overview of your company’s endpoints, enabling the best possible security against unknown threats.




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