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Cyber Security

Well planned and implemented information security enables the growth offered by digitalisation and more efficient ways of doing productive work.

We ensure the compre­hensive and conti­nuous
impro­vement of your infor­mation secu­rity

Well planned and implemented cyber security enables the growth offered by digitalisation and more efficient ways of doing productive work. We can provide cyber security services in the form of a full service, as separate information security technology procurements, or tailored to your requirements.

Comprehensive information security

We ensure that your information security is comprehensively and continuously developed by providing services that cover every subarea of information security and that scale according to your needs. We provide information security services globally as a part of Telia. 

Safeguard the continuity of your business

Information security incidents can threaten business continuity. Our services enable you to ensure that your data connections and IT systems operate without interruptions. 

Stay up-to-date

We plan a strategic development pathway for your information security. We constantly report on any information security deviations detected in your environment and the status of the security of your environment. We work with you to develop your information security as a continuous process based on observations. 

Manage risks

Our services help you to meter the status and adequacy of controls related to secured objects. We provide services for implementing and maintaining controls. Good controls reduce and mitigate the risks affecting business operations.

Infrastructure security

We secure your network, connections and data center in a managed way, utilising the best available technology. 

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Endpoint security

Secure your device from known and unknown threats.

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Securing clouds and applications

Secure your public cloud computing services, cloud infrastructure and email traffic as a full service or a co-managed solution.

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SOC as a Service

Ensure your business continuity using a proactive operation model.

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