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A reliable network environment guarantees cost-effective work in central government.

  • Cyber security

    Well planned and implemented information security enables the growth offered by digitalisation and more efficient ways of doing productive work.

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Telia Cygate is working with Check Point, a provider of information security solutions, to keep the wheels of government turning. Its new solution, Maestro, has put an end to data network downtime. 

"Thanks to Maestro,we save thousands of working hours every month", says Marko Mäki, Group and Service Manager for Network Core, Design and Security Services at the Government ICT Centre Valtori.  

For a long time, the Government ICT Centre Valtori was plagued by service breaks and incidents caused by maintenance measures in the government’s shared core network and its data traffic. 

Although maintenance work is mainly done outside office hours (in the evening or at night), employees could still encounter unwelcome surprises in the morning.  

"The shared VY core network is one of the most important IT services for the central government. Everything grinds to a halt when the systems don’t work and people can’t use their workstations. As tens of thousands of people work for the government, this is no small interruption", says Mäki.  

Outwardly, the government’s network problems are reflected in things such as breaks in e-services for citizens. 

These embarrassing – and above all costly – breaks were finally brought to an end with the aid of Check Point Maestro, a firewall and security solution provided by Telia Cygate.


Custom solutions for corporate network security

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd provides cybersecurity solutions all around the world. It handles data security for a total of more than 100,000 companies and communities, both large and small.  

Telia Cygate has been working with Check Point for more than 20 years. This long-standing technology partnership is reflected in their extremely reliable and flexible data security services.

"Because we know the products, we’re able to tailor them to a variety of different needs. Our customers don’t need to worry about which technology to use, as we provide them with ready-to-use solutions", says Juha Lamberg, Business Manager at Telia Cygate.


Uninterrupted reliability and continuity

Check Point Maestro is a data security solution for companies and organisations that is suitable for medium and large environments. Thanks to Maestro’s firewall and extreme flexibility, companies can take advantage of the high-speed data transfers and low latencies offered by 5G networks without compromising on data security. In particular, Maestro will benefit operators who are critical to security of supply, that is, operators who provide services that are important for the smooth running of the State and whose environments must remain operational at all times. 

"Maestro protects corporate networks from even the most advanced fifth-generation threats. Maestro users are typically seeking a firewall solution that is reliable, scalable and durable. Safeguarding the customer’s production and its continuity is also a priority", says Sampo Vehkaoja, Country Manager, Finland and Baltics at Check Point. 

The fault-tolerant solution has been designed to back itself up within the datacentre. In addition to providing a reliable concept for network security, Maestro is also extremely flexible. 

Its scalability was also a great help to Valtori, as it enables all maintenance tasks, such as firewall updates or capacity increases, to be carried out without hardware upgrades or service breaks.


Information security requires cooperation

Mr Mäki, who is satisfied with the safe and effective result, stresses the importance of cooperation: "Seamless communication with Telia Cygate and Check Point experts has been a key factor in finding reliable and effective data security solutions. It’s easy to succeed with the help of good partners."

"Valtori’s vision is Working for the Government – seamlessly and securely. Together, we make that possible in practice", says Mr Vehkaoja.


Challenge: Service breaks and incidents in Valtori’s core network during and after maintenance work. At worst, the breaks interrupted work at numerous government agencies and ministries. These service breaks caused not only financial costs, but also inconvenienced users of government e-services.

Solution: Telia Cygate’s reliable, durable and scalable firewall and data security solution: Check Point Maestro.  

Benefits: A reliable core network guarantees uninterrupted work and the continuity of important government services, thereby generating cost savings as well.


Author: Johanna Rämö

Photo: Julius Jansson


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