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With a cloud-based security solution, Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion's employees can now access the internet securely, regardless of location.

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    Well planned and implemented information security enables the growth offered by digitalisation and more efficient ways of doing productive work.

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Invisible protection – this is how Orion secures its employees’ network traffic everywhere, at all times 

The Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion needed to improve network traffic protection for its mobile employees. Thanks to the cloud-based security solution, employees can now access the internet securely, regardless of location.

"Orion is a unique pharmaceutical company in Finland that operates internationally. The industry imposes strict requirements on information security: it would be a disaster if a cybercriminal were able to change the instructions for use of medicines or interfere in the manufacturing process", says Orion’s Head of Information Security Petri Vilander.

As in other modern companies, Orion has recently increasingly shifted to multi-location work, where some of the work is done at the office and some on the way or at home. Employees are therefore connected to the internet from various networks, which means that their internet traffic is not monitored by the company’s internal network firewall – or the firewall monitors it through VPN tunnels that slow down traffic.

Information security constantly updated from the cloud

Orion therefore had a need for network traffic protection that works regardless of location. A suitable solution was found from Telia Cygate, which provided the company with the Cisco Umbrella DNS solution. The Umbrella cloud service continuously investigates DNS queries that make internet traffic possible and prevents workstations from accessing pages it has found harmful.

"Information about malicious pages is constantly updated in Umbrella’s database, so we can be confident that the security of our online traffic is always up to date", Vilander says.

Umbrella’s protection covers all traffic based on name services and it provides additional protection for e-mail traffic, for example against phishing. Umbrella also provides comprehensive visibility into online traffic. In addition to the service’s coverage, ease of use was a selection criterion. Its maintenance does not burden Orion’s already busy security resources.

Vilander also considers its transparency a good thing for employees. The service does not hinder work, require updating or switching on, or slow down traffic. "There have been very few complaints about the service, which means that the employees are satisfied with it." 

Partner provides relief for everyday life

Orion first tried Cisco Umbrella as a pilot that included only a small part of the company’s workstations. After a successful pilot period, the service was introduced in all three and a half thousand workstations of the company. The service scales well from the needs of a microenterprise to those of multinational companies.

Telia Cygate has been with Orion in consulting the choice of service and in delivering and installing the service.

"The collaboration has worked well, and we have had constant dialogue", Vilander says. He also praises Telia Cygate’s activity as a partner. "Our own IT people would not have had time to prepare the Umbrella roadmap, for example, so we appreciate being offered ready-made solutions."

Comprehensive security does not depend on a single solution

Umbrella has complemented Orion’s information security in an important way but it has not replaced firewalls, for example. "At the same time with the Umbrella rollout, we introduced other solutions, and we have developed our entire network infrastructure to be more modern. Modern information security is maintained by collecting information from many different sources and creating an overall picture by combining data", Vilander says.

The overall picture is provided for Orion by Telia Cygate’s Security Operations Center (SOC), where Orion’s information security is constantly monitored in both on-premise and cloud environments. SOC allows for quickly responding to security deviations before they cause harm to the company.



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