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Vital information is transmitted online.

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Network automation secures the local network 

Nowadays, local area networks are necessary in both companies and public entities. In its important health care functionalities, absolute reliability of the network is highlighted. When confidential and literally vital information travels on the network, stability and high data security must be self-evident, not things that are considered when problems already exist.

Local area networks are an important growth sector right now. For example, the developing technologies within health care demand more and more of information networks. Besides the normal call, shift, location and alarm systems, even MRIs, laboratory and patient data, prescriptions and instructions are transmitted on the network. The day when a demanding surgery is performed by a robot, operated by a top surgeon from across the country or the world, is not too far away either. Istekki Oy’s unique-to-Finland experience of vital health care systems guarantees clear benefits even for other customers.

Istekki is specialized in health care ICT services. It is known as a specialist of critical systems and for automating their functions. Istekki has collaborated with Telia Cygate and Juniper Networks in numerous different projects. Telia Cygate is known for its versatile ICT solutions and the trio is completed by Juniper Networks’ extensive experience of server rooms, routers, software and maintaining a high level of data security.

"From our perspective, Juniper Networks is a forerunner, especially within MPLS", says Aripekka Matikainen, Group Manager, Network at Istekki Oy.

"Product development is fast and ongoing. Juniper Networks uses standard protocols in its products, so their ability to integrate onto different systems is excellent and updates can be done one device or line card at a time. This way, for example, speed can be increased with minimal action and in an extremely cost-efficient way."

For many users, a local area network means mainly email, internet and perhaps internal connections and notices within the company. However, a modern network is much more: at its best, it is a complete service platform from where almost all community operations can be controlled.

"One of our prominent customers might soon be Finland’s first paperless hospital", Matikainen hints.

Aripekka Matikainen sees many benefits in network automation:
"For example, smart medicine cabinets in hospitals and health centers increase patient security and, simultaneously, bring clear savings for the different phases of pharmaceutical services, for example, through decreased waste. It is easy to maintain and control your own network solution. In addition, the customer is freed from dependence on an operator that they once chose. The customer’s investment has a long lifecycle: if necessary, the network will respond to new challenges by changing just a few components."


Automation decreases routine work and human error and through this, increases data security and reliability. When the amount of repetitive human labor is decreased, employee resources are freed for more productive work, which means significant savings for the customer.

"Through automation, we saved our customer up to 2,000 working hours last year. The change is enormous, now the daily work of four people can be done by one person", Matikainen explains.

"Of course, if taken to the extreme, an automatic network configuration might bring some risks, but this is not going to happen, at least not in the near future."

A great example of automation on the practical level is a change in Juniper Networks’ packaging that was Istekki’s initiative. All switch packages now have QR codes that explain what the device is and where it is going without opening the package. All necessary information from the serial number to the application is stored automatically in Istekki’s system.


"The upcoming regional government and health and social services reform is a significant landmark even for Istekki, as Istekki’s service integration expertise is increasingly needed in both provinces and municipalities. Our objective is to expand into new areas", Aripekka Matikainen reveals.

"We combine the best experts with the implementation of nationally outlined development initiatives and offer solutions that have proven their reliability in practice. Centralization of services, automation and the inclusion of citizens are central growth areas of digitalization that help the public sector to improve its reachability and productivity. For this development, Istekki has valuable input to give."

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ISTEKKI OY is a public-owned information technology and medical technology expert organization that serves the health care sector and municipalities. It is owned by actors in the public sector. The company is nationally unique due to its knowledge of the central municipal services and an exhaustive know-how of health care ICT solutions combined with expertise of medical technology. istekki.fi

JUNIPER NETWORKS offers innovative data communications and data security services to server rooms, office networks and service providers. World’s most respected reference organizations genuinely value the operating cost savings brought by the company’s operating system, Junos OS. Five of the most significant social media providers use solutions from Juniper Networks.

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