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Secure Identity consulting

We can help you to enhance your identity and access management processes so as to secure your company’s resources.

  • Benefits for you:

    • You will have access to wide-ranging expertise on identity management and access management processes
    • Secure Identity consulting is the connecting factor between your business and your IAM needs
    • You will receive a technology-agnostic service
    • Administrator service as part of your organisation 


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


Identity and Access Management processes are under control, centrally and comprehensively 

We can take part in developing your identity and access management processes. The processes include HR processes, modelling the technical architecture, the organisation’s operating methods for access management, secure data processing (GDPR), administrator processes, logging and physical access management. We can help you in these areas from the initial phases of development through to the implementation of even the most demanding entities. Whether the project concerns your organisation’s employees or your partner’s employees, it is important that the processes support secure and recognised operations. We provide services in the form of projects or continuous services, and we always conduct development work together with you. As a reliable development partner, we take responsibility for enabling your success. 

HR processes

HR processes are the key to functional access management. Your HR department possesses information about your employees, and this information serves as the initial data for access management processes. Your HR department also handles changes to employment relationships and information on terminated employment relationships. That is why it is important to identify the process phases and the data transferred, and to make use of data for purposes such as automating authorisation processes.

Technical architecture

It is possible to automate identity and access management processes to a large extent. Identifying and describing the interfaces that must be implemented plays an important role in specifying the overall entity. We can support you in creating your architecture descriptions.

Access management processes

The basic access management processes consist of maintaining an access right structure and managing access rights, where rights of use are requested, approved, provisioned, changed and removed. Maintenance actions include access right nominations, access roles, building approval chains, guiding provisioning and monitoring the overall entity. We can help you to build and implement access right management processes. 


Security is a crucial aspect of access management. Our perspectives on your security include technical information security, data security (e.g., through GDPR), administrator actions on information systems, access management (e.g., SSO) and logging to enable background transactions to be quickly reported.

Physical access

Your organisation grants its employees electronic access and rights, but it also provides physical access to your premises and the tools for carrying out work duties. Ever greater investments are being made into physical access management, and this entity should be taken into consideration when your identity and access management operations are developed.




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