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Data Networks

We will help you to design and implement networking on your core network, data centre network, office network or cloud network, from start to finish.

  • Benefits for you:

    • Our experts, who hold the most demanding certifications, will provide you with help and advice, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of functional ICT services as a holistic entity.
    • You will be supported by the most in-depth expertise from the leading manufacturing partners of information security technologies.
    • Your projects will benefit from our robust experience with various solutions, implementation models and technologies to ensure you achieve the best possible end results and a successful implementation phase.
    • Our highly extensive experience with challenging and demanding implementation, continuous cooperation on developing demanding customer environments, continuous training and the diversity of our team of experts provide the strongest foundation on which to build the success of your projects.


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    We will work with you to design a solution that suits your needs. 


A functional data network should go unnoticed

Functional data networks play a critical role in business continuity, providing a platform that users and business operations will not even notice when everything is working as it should, and there are no worries or hassles. A good, discreet user experience, excellent reliability, rapid recovery in the event of a problem, modern solutions underpinning responses to changing needs and enabling both functional development and information security improvements or cost savings – these are by no means defaults for data networks.

Our professionals are experienced data network specialists who work in close cooperation with the leading manufacturers and possess highly comprehensive experience in data network implementations for critical environments – globally as well as locally. 

Our areas of expertise include:

Local Area Networks (LANs)

  • LAN implementations for offices, factories, logistics centres, commercial premises or other sites that require reliable, high-performance networks to ensure business continuity
  • Deployments of new services and technologies, topology diagrams for implementing LAN solutions, routing architectures, information security architecture, authentication, hardware concepts, implementations of management and monitoring solutions

Wireless networks (Wi-Fi)

  • We design and implement wireless networks globally for various companies’ office premises, shops and sales offices, logistics centres, factory campuses, event arenas or even ships and tunnels
  • Site surveys and design measurements
  • Physical and logical architecture of a Wi-Fi network, matters related to management and monitoring, information security structures, installations and deployment work
  • Radio network measurements to ensure reliability and no interference after implementation

Wide Area Networks (WANs) and core networks

  • Technical design of core or wide area networks, design of the information security architecture as applicable and design of the entire logical structure, including designs for a VPN solution, routing, fault tolerance and device parameters
  • Testing, training and deployment, as well as further development measures

Data Centre networks

  • The physical and logical entities in data centre networks are subareas that call for top-level specialist expertise, experience and professionalism for implementation. We have built data centres for ourselves and our customers, and we also assist our manufacturing partners with the specification, designs and implementation of challenging projects.

SD-WANs and application traffic optimisation

  • Entities that connect business locations and services globally, covering public clouds, private cloud implementations and connections for various business locations
  • Designing and implementing cost-effective solutions with fault-tolerant functionality

Authentication solutions

  • User forwarding and access management, based on various items of identification and profile data, for the appropriate networks and resources
  • Authentication implementations for guest networks, partner connections
  • 802.1x deployment projects

Centralised infrastructure services

  • Examples include IP address management, DHCP and DNS services

Performance monitoring and optimisation, as well as global network monitoring


Our office hours are from Mon to Fri, 8 am to 4 pm

+358 20 401

8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/min. When calling from abroad, the international call charge.



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