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Cloud and Data Center

We can help you to create and implement a comprehensive cloud strategy, taking your business requirements into account.

  • Benefits for you:

    • Our experts, who hold the most demanding certifications, will provide you with help and advice, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of functional ICT services as a holistic entity.
    • You will have access to the best expertise in the leading cloud computing services.
    • Your projects will benefit from our robust experience with various solutions, implementation models and technologies to ensure you achieve the best possible end results and a successful implementation phase.
    • Our highly extensive experience with challenging and demanding implementation, continuous cooperation on developing demanding customer environments, continuous training and the diversity of our team of experts provide the strongest foundation on which to build the success of your projects.


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Managing the complexity of hybrid cloud solutions 

According to a study by Forrester Research, more than 65 per cent of global companies use hybrid cloud solutions, and this share is expected to grow. Many companies have found that the best way to address the organisation’s needs is to create a hybrid cloud environment that combines the possibilities offered by a company’s data centre, private clouds and public clouds. As regards public clouds, organisations are increasingly deploying multicloud strategies to avoid vendor lock-in. 

Hybrid clouds are a clear solution for more large companies, but battling with the complexity of such a solution need not be inevitable. We help our customers throughout the various stages of creating and implementing a cloud strategy for IT departments and business units. The strategy describes the general principals associated with using cloud computing services. The work on the strategy includes identifying which types of cloud computing service are used, which workloads can be assigned to which environments, which data can be transferred to the cloud and which data cannot.

In public cloud services, we can help you to make the most of solutions based on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We also offer Google Cloud expertise. 


Our areas of expertise include:

Cloud strategy

  • We can help you to create a comprehensive cloud strategy, taking into account your business requirements, and we can help to implement the strategy in operational management models and cloud computing service consumption.

Evaluation of the current state and vision

  • We identify your organisation’s starting point and create a vision for utilising cloud computing services to support your business operations.

Analysis of alternative solutions and selections

  • We analyse and compare the current implementation models with alternative service and technology solutions.

Service and technology selections and agreement negotiations

  • We can help you to make the best choices from among a large group of service providers and technology suppliers, and we can help in agreement negotiations.

Productisation of services

  • We can help your IT department to productise cloud computing services as part of the service catalogue in accordance with the needs and expectations of your business.

Transition and transformation, operational management models and cloud computing service usage

  • We can help you to implement cloud computing services in accordance with transition and transformation plans, implement operational management models and realise technical solutions for using cloud computing services.

Customised data centre and hybrid cloud solution environments

  • We can work as a designer and builder on your cloud projects, and we can also act as an expert to support the successful, cost-efficient implementation of projects.
  • Servers, virtualisation and operating systems
  • Storage and backup solutions
  • Network and data communications
  • Private cloud
  • Hyperconvergence (HCI) solutions
  • Public cloud & hybrid cloud


Use cases:

  • Making a cloud strategy
  • Architecture design to integrate public cloud computing services into the customer’s infrastructure
  • Cost-effective competitive tendering of modern IaaS cloud platforms
  • Managing transition and transformation projects in demanding multivendor environments
  • Productising public cloud computing services in the customer’s IT service portfolio
  • Analysing alternative IaaS solutions and preparing a roadmap
  • Designing and selecting a brokering platform for service providers, competitive tendering and service onboarding
  • Numerous implementation projects




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